REmake - REuse - RElove

Relove and Roses is a sustainable universe that unites women’s stories across borders. Beautiful vintage silk kimonos and saris are recreated in their own form or to give life to modern accessories. Feminine and aesthetical sustainability, which combines an Asian woman's life with a Nordic’s, always with one goal: to let the original owner's love for the kimono or sari shine through to the next woman. The result is a colorful universe with deep roots in the history of women.

’The thought that another woman will love the clothes in it’s original or restored form, and use it for everyday wear or party, is absolute keywords for me. The bonus is that when clothes are recycled, we minimize the world's wasted resources at the same time, and create meaning with the production of clothing. For me it is sustainable fashion in a very simple form. '

RElove, REmake, REuse

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